SER CasaSandra - Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, 77730, Mexico
  • music pancho

The music

As a songwriter on Latin Grammy Award winning albums, a music producer and poet, I understand that the flow and choreography of the hotel’s spaces throughout the day is pure art and score every scene accordingly. My collection of music generates creative flow and provokes the essence of being alive.

For the morning's breakfast service in Amanacer we feature a selection of Baroque compositions which delicately awakens my imagination and reminds me of the great beauty surrounding us every day. As a side note, baroque music is considered the core foundation of the classic Cuban rhythm and its clave.

Lunch takes on a light and contemporary twist as life shifts outdoors and is oriented towards the heat of the sun. Whether fun, or relaxation, the music of Blue Bar, our poolside restaurant, enriches these simple joys.

Evenings at Esencia bring warmth and romance, heightening our senses of vision and sound. The mood changes to Jazz, traditional Cuban and contemporary vocals and wraps one in the intimate atmosphere of our restaurant.

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