SER CasaSandra - Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, 77730, Mexico
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Founded by four families of fisherman, originally dedicated to fishing the whale shark and today committed to traditional sustainable fishing practices and protecting the region. Although a tourist destination, the locals proudly protect their happy and carefree way of life and as such maintain the town as one of the most authentic places in the region. Sandy streets, kids playing in the park, a 12kph speed limit, open doors, life lived outside of your home and getting to know your neighbors are experiences somewhat lost in today’s big cities.With only 2000 inhabitants Mestizo (Maya, pirates, Spanish and Cuban), sandy streets and a secluded beach, the atmosphere of a small fishing village is jealously guarded. Being a wandering island with its fishing and when it gets late, it goes to the hammock as the heritage of his life.

Holbox is part of the ecological reserve of 'Yum Balam', which covers 154 000 square kilometers of protected areas, where unique species reside. Not only the whale shark is an attraction in this place. The arrival of hawksbill turtles, pink flamingos, terns, white pelicans, different types of iguanas and horseshoe crabs are some examples of the natural wealth of this area.

Upon arrival at the port, the island invites one to remove their shoes. Pour into a bag all the stress that is boredom of the city, everyday life. It is advisable not to make plans, forget time, enjoy the landscape and the observation of shells, birds and dolphins on the beach. Holbox Island is  authentic and rich with traditions of the sea. The best kept secret in the Mexican Caribbean.

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