SER CasaSandra - Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, 77730, Mexico

While on the island:

  • town este bien

We recommend bringing sufficient cash as there are no banks on the island and ATM’s are often out of cash, as a result most establishments accept Euros and US currency at reduced exchange rates.

Please, consume bottled water and consider that not everyone’s digestive systems reacts the same when traveling to new places. When eating outside of the hotel, watch carefully for fruits without rinds and lettuce and vegetables washed in tap water.

Sales tax (IVA) is usually included in menu priced items and tips for service function much like the US: 10% as a minimum, with the standard of 15% - 20% when you would like to recognize good service.

On the island there is still no postal service

Voltage within the hotel and in general is 110V, equivalent to the United States. European appliances may require a power inverter. Please inform reception if you need one.

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