SER CasaSandra - Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, 77730, Mexico
  • Autentico pescador

Holbox Island is located less than 2-hours to the northwest of Cancún and is a world away from the sprawl and mass its “Hotel Zone”, the most intensely developed tourist destination in the world. Ancestral voices whisper old tales along the winds that refresh Holbox. They tell stories of Spanish galleons that disappeared in these waters and of the pirates who stole their treasures, like Francisco Molas, who named Holbox (“black hole”). Nowadays people think that Molas found a crystalline source of water so beautiful that he decided to bury all his treasures here, it is said “who finds the source will find the treasure”.

With less 1,500 Mestizo inhabitants (a mix of Maya, pirates, Spanish and Cuban peoples), sandy streets and secluded beaches, the atmosphere of this small fishing village is jealously guarded. It is an island of wandering fisherman and when it gets late, they retire to their hammocks, the Mayan cradle of life.

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