Casa Sandra Boutique hotel
Calle Igualdad s/n
Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, 77730, Mexico
Hotel +52 (984) 8752171 Reserve +52 (33) 33336116
Hotel +52 (984) 8752431
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In an effort to show the riches of the region, the hotel offers its guests the following tours:

  • Mangroves and estuaries, with both resident and migratory birds, depending on the season-(pelicans, roseate spoonbills, flamingos, ibises, herons, herons,  storks, ospreys ospreys, cormorants and hopefully, a crocodile) can be seen in kayak .
  • From May to September the search, swimming and watching of the world's largest fish: the whale shark.
  • In the jungle of Solferino, near Holbox Mayan people, visit ancient trees, the orchids and end at China, a floodplain area with cork trees which is traversed by kayak.
  • Using road transportation, with expert guides in flora and fauna, you arrive at a camp in the jungle. Here we can climb the tower of 20 meters and then descend by rappelling it. Then walk to the flooded area (20 min. approx.) where there are plants, flowers, trees, insects and even monkeys. Upon reaching the area,  you paddle kayaks to corchal where waterfowl and aquatic flora live...and perhaps you can see a crocodile
  • A boat trip to the "new bird island" shelter. Where nesting birds of the area can be seen.
  • Fishing has long been the livelihood of the island. The abundance of all species of fish ensure its success. Fly fishing in the area led by Alejandro Vega, the most capable in the Yucatan in this form, is one of the great attractions of Holbox.
  • Visit the Mayan ruins near Holbox. Coba, Chichen Itza were among Mayan settlements near the island. The travel time between two points Holbox is about half an hour.