Casa Sandra Boutique hotel
Calle Igualdad s/n
Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, 77730, Mexico
Hotel +52 (984) 8752171 Reserve +52 (33) 33336116
Hotel +52 (984) 8752431
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Something Light

Pineapple and chaya juice

Fesh Mango juice

Orange, apples and pera and honey juice

Banana nut smoothies

Guava smoothies

Natural yogurt with granola and fruits

Tres leches (three milks) pancakes with carmelized apples and cinammon

Pancakes with bacon, butter, syrup and cinammon


Scrambled with spinach and parmesan

Scrambles with camembert cheese, onion and avocado

Omelette with cactus, onion and panela cheese

Omelette with mushrooms, squash, tomato and Oaxaca cheese

Omelette with lobster and Oaxaca cheese

Omelette with chaya shrimp and camembert cheese

Mexican Snacks

Enchiladas with chicken and panela cheese

Enchiladas with shrimp, red salsa and Oaxaca cheese

Chilaquiles with chaya chicken, red salsa roja and Oaxaca cheese

Chilaquiles with scrambled eggs and panela cheese

Chilaquiles with jícama, chaya and cactus

Chilaquiles with lobster, grilled onions and tomatos

Empanadas with corn

Empanadas with mushroom and onions

Empanadas with fish and Oaxaca cheese