Easter Holbox 2019

Enjoy a few days at Ser Casasandra, celebrating not only as a religious date, but as a few days of reflection, to connect with inner peace and share in love and beautiful moments.

When is Easter 2019 celebrated?

Sunday, April 14 to 20

Why does it fall on different dates?

Easter is established according to an astronomical event. Each year begins the first Sunday following the first full moon of spring.

What to do in Easter in Holbox?

You can enjoy the adventures that Ser Casasandra proposes you:

– Three Islands Tour
– Mini Fishing
– High fishing
– Sunset experiences
– Cabo Catoche
– Horse ride

We recommend: Holbox Special

Includes a boat trip to the 3 islands (Isla Pasión, Isla Pájaros and Cabo Catoche), you can enjoy flamingos, pelicans, ducks, crabs and iguanas. It will be an impressive comeback to the natural origin. The experience includes small fishing activities with the necessary equipment and a ceviche made with your fish by the Captain.

What to do in Holbox?

– See bioluminescence, throughout the year, but it will be more visible on full moon nights.
– See the beautiful flamingos and explore the sandbanks at Punta Mosquito.
– Enjoy the sunsets at Punta Coco.
– Take pictures in more than 60 murals of the island.
– Go to Club Matarrayas, where are the lyrics of Holbox and take pictures where the letter L.
– Rent a golf cart to tour the island.
– Take ceviche classes at Ser Casasandra.

Choose how you want to spend your days in Holbox!

Reservations through: reservations@casasandra.com