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Loving - you

By: Ser Casasandra / 18 Jun 2021
Loving - you

Loving is perhaps the biggest choice we make consciously. We may be made of star dust; but what we do know is that all the elements of the universe are contained in our bodies. When we decided to spend our days with someone, we also decided to integrate: love the star that we carry inside and that of our neighbor because, after all, we are one.

We say that living together is always difficult. The reason is that we feel separated, we are afraid, guilty, we interpret, we see the world as we think.

We are constantly looking for someone to meet expectations, and there the other must react in the way I am waiting for him to do, as I would like ME to be, following the patterns of what is right for me and he for his Part does the same. Then when what we have predefined does not happen, the disappointments begin.
No one can suffer unless he considers that he has been attacked and has lost as a result. No one attacks without the intention of hurting. When you think that you attack in self-defense, you are affirming that being cruel protects you, that cruelty keeps you safe.

The miracle is not an object that gives us "pleasure." The miracle is the correction in the mind of all the thoughts that I have believed are the causes of my suffering. If we take away loyalty to the thoughts that have "saved" us until now and attend to the presence that observes this, we may be aware that we are only being attacked by the mind, it is only a film that I have projected to maintain the cycle of suffering that we have experienced. Stop fighting with your mind. We can say enough.

Einsten said that it took time to discover the true greatness of life, "… there is an extremely powerful force for which science has so far not found a formal explanation. It is a force that includes and governs all others and that is even behind any phenomenon that operates in the universe … this universal force is love. Love conquers everything, transcends everything and everything can, because love is the quintessence of life … "

Our best advice this day is that we begin to observe ourselves as the pure being that we are, without judging ourselves or judging the other as the pure being that is. I forgive myself and choose to see it differently. I am not what I think. I am the loving mind that observes. Only then will we be returning to our natural state. Peace.

This day belongs to love. Today I will not be afraid of anything.

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