Weddings with art, the space of your dreams ...

Holbox Island and Ser CasaSandra are the ideal place to get married.

Natural arrangements, coconuts, mangroves, beach and flowers to roses brought from nearby villages, make a wedding unforgettable Holbox, bright and forever. The best thing here is to tell the wedding sun love our partner and then the night, enjoy by this union with the beloved, is worth it.

Menus for Weddings


To start

  • Cream of chaya with powder of nuggets and strips of toasted tortilla
  • Octopus, potato and roasted red pepper salad
  • Fish ceviche with papaya and ginger

Main course

  • Fish fillet in papillot de acuyo
  • Pork tenderloin glazed with pineapple and rosemary
  • Grilled lobster with hollandaise sauce


  • Salad of arugula and nuts with sour cream vinaigrette
  • Rice with pumpkin seeds and pasilla chili
  • Sweet potato puree with garlic butter
  • Roasted vegetables


To start

  • Tostón stuffed with ratatouille
  • Guacamole of fortune
  • Gazpacho
  • Pumpkin raviol
  • Vegetarian mousaka