Requirements for Mexican spouses:

1. Marriage request (prepared and signed).
2. Two copies of the birth certificates of the parties (legible)
3. Copy of the official identification of the contracting parties (IFE, Military Booklet or valid passport both sides).
4. Copy of CURP of both (readable)
5. Original and copy of the prenuptial analysis certificate (issued by public institution)
6. Proof of free union (in case of having children)
7. Four witnesses (with official identification).
8. Proof of non-marriage of both (issued by the Civil Registry 8 days before the marriage)
9. Schedule the date and the documentation is presented 8 days before.
10. Payment of rights.

Requirements for foreign spouses:

Translate by a translator expert the following:
1. Apostilled birth certificate and passport
2. A permit to marry in foreign relations.
3. Prenuptial certificate of blood test