Mystical Wedding Ceremony

The mystical wedding is a ritual of spiritual union of the couple, making the elements present: love, the sea and mother earth ... with the blessing of beings of light, angels, ascended masters and the center of the universe.

Once the bride and groom arrive at the altar, they are placed inside a circle of protection made by small shells, the bride and groom and the guests are welcomed and the reason for the meeting is indicated and the purpose.

 Blessing is requested for the bride and groom and the beings of light, superior beings, angels, this addressed to each of the four cardinal points, the sea, the sun, the center of the universe and mother earth, making offerings to them with the four elements.

Both offerings are made with grains, which represent abundance and fertility, exchange lit candles representing the light of their path, they will share the water in a small clay cup, she will deliver it remembering all the waters of the lakes, rivers, seas, wells ... He in another cup will give him the water represented in the rain and waterfalls.

Next, the bride and groom facing each other will hold a white quartz crystal, the bridegroom with the right hand holds it as a sign of giving, and she covers it with her left hand as a sign of receiving, her Once she will hold another with her right hand to give it and the one with the left will receive it, thus forming a bond with the symbol of infinity, which represents universal love.

In this posture the spiritual union is made, making the invocation of light three times, at this moment the bride and groom make their promise of love and the vows are said.

The quartz crystals are given, copal is burned by praying for the good union, asking for blessings, abundance, fertility and infinite love, consolidating the union and declaring them husband and wife.

After the act of marriage, they will deliver an offering to the sea, thanking the union.The ceremony lasts approximately 30 or 45 minutes, in case the bride and groom wish some extra element or decoration with We'll talk about it in advance.

It is for Ser CasaSandra an honor to be able to share this ritual with couples and to bless love, which is the center of the universe.