As an island of fishermen, fishing is abundant and close to the shore. Most of the pangas (flat-bottomed fishing boats) on the island are reserved for commercial fishing, but several fishermen supplement their income thanks to being also private guides. The most abundant fishing spots are found along the underwater grotto on the northeast coast of the island, and the fisherman has his marks not by GPS, but rather by a lifetime of experience. Fishing line by hand is the technique that is preferred, it is simple, exciting and provides more clues about the prey than with any other equipment.

Fishing is exciting when you catch yellow and red snapper (red snapper ), a black grouper or an occasional horse mackerel that is on the coast, and also within the bay you can pull a sea trout (or croaker ), and if you are lucky , the elusive snook . The tours last four hours and include the famous ceviche of the fish that is caught, prepared in the boat by the captain's hand.

It is best to organize it through the hotel reception.