The forgotten ruins of Mexico

There are almost 1,000 archaeological remains on the peninsula and most are on private lands: plunged into a legal action and without public funding for their preservation. However, there is a special collection of lesser-known sites (considered by many as more beautiful than Chichen Itza) that are less visited and much more accessible. Puuc is the ancient name of the kingdom that covered the southern half of the Yucatan Peninsula. The ruins here are less restored and one can imagine what it would have been like to stumble upon a discovery like this hundreds of years ago. The trip begins with the ceremonial caves of Loltún , then the 70 cisterns of Labna and the beautiful private palaces of Kabah , until culminating in the great capital of the region of Puuc, Uxmal , where there is a show of light and sound in the sunset. Sun. There is no doubt that this is not a day trip from Holbox Island, but it is one of the most beautiful experiences that complements an authentic knowledge of Yucatan.