Whale shark

Adventure with the whale shark

The island of Holbox is a point of convergence of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, and between the months of May to September is home to one of the most impressive marine animals in the world: the Rhincodon typus . We have the privilege of being one of the few places in the world where the whale approaches the coast and the surface, and lets us snorkel with it. Going into the water, and discovering that you're swimming next to a fish the size of a school bus, sucking on the surface of the sea, is a real rush of adrenaline, and it's wonderful !

Despite its immense size, whale sharks do not constitute any harm to the swimmer, and being next to these giant living beings is so stimulating, that we suggest you do it as often as possible.

The duration of this tour is almost all day, and has included the necessary equipment. We have seen dozens of sharks at once, and sometimes only one or two; nature has its own schedule. On your tour, you can expect to see rare birds, dolphins, turtles and giant stingrays. Then, a stop at the beach of Santa Eulalia, where the mangroves await you with fresh ceviche made by your captain. The excursions can be customized to visit a small snorkel reef and even to fish your own ceviche. Private Group and available rates.