Bird watching

Human life is undoubtedly interesting in Holbox. But unique and wonderful are the birds that are here, that improve all aspects of life on the island. The cry of the Sea Eagle as a predator of the surface of the sea, the slender shape of the bright pink flamingos contrasts with the turquoise blue water and the white sand beaches, or the giant pelican gliding through the waves like an excavator with its beak on the water . The tranquility of Holbox Island slows down your vision and hearing in order to recover the sense of beauty and all the information that is often silenced by the hustle and bustle of city life and the timbre of our mobile phone. More than 120 different species migrate to the island throughout the year. A boat trip on the Yalahau Lagoon to Isla de los Pájaros is the best way to experience this phenomenon. A great way to get to know the island is to rent a golf cart and give free rein to exploring and knowing the quiet corners where birds make their nests.