Travel information

Airport: The Cancun International Airport is less than 50 miles away.

When you plan to visit Ser CasaSandra, contact Reception to coordinate and assist you in making arrangements for your trip once you arrive in Mexico.


Transportation: Contact directly with CasaSandra to arrange your transfer through a private transport company.The options include private luxury car or van, with an approximate duration of 1:20 hours.

Rental car: The main brands are available at the airport terminal, we suggest moving during the day because the road is not well lit and maps and signs are limited, GPS is recommended, cars are not allowed on the island Approximate time: 2:15 am Parking: It is located in the port city of Chiquilá and is free with prior agreements.

Public transport: Bus Terminal in downtown Cancun Regular departures Approximate duration: 4:00 hours

Parking: It is located in the port city of Chiquilá and is free with previous agreements.

Transit: By Cessna propeller, 2-4 passengers, charter service on demand Approximate flight time from Cancun airport: 20 minutes

Ferry Service: The departure and sale of tickets are in the port of Chiquilá, with regular service and provided by two agencies.

Private boats: For groups, or if you arrive or depart outside regular ferry hours, the service is based on demand.

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