While on the island:

You are advised to bring enough cash because there are no banks on the island and the ATMs are often out of service. As a result, most establishments accept euros and US currency, somewhat below the exchange rate.

Sales taxes (VAT) are usually included in menu prices, and tips are similar to the United States: minimum 10%, and 15-20% when you want to recognize good service.

On the island there is still no postal service.

The voltage of the plugs of the rooms and the island in general are 110V , equivalent to that of the United States. For European electrical appliances, a current converter is required. Please inform the reception in case you need one.

Fashion here is casual chic.

Please consume bottled water at all times, consider that each digestive system reacts differently when traveling to new places. When eating out of the hotel, be careful to consume fruits without shells, lettuce or vegetables washed with tap water.