The music

As an author of songs from Latin Grammy award-winning albums, composer, music producer and poet, she knows that the flow of this destiny and the choreography in the production of spaces throughout the day is pure art, and she has achieved each scene accordingly. He gathered a collection of music, in my view, that generates creative flow and provokes the essence of the living being.

During the morning, the breakfast service is accompanied by music barroca and we put the name" Amanecer . "It is not surprising that baroque music is the main basis of the classic Cuban rhythm and the key.

Lunch is taken with one more sense light and contemporary , and life changes outdoors and is oriented towards the heat of the sun.If it is fun, or relaxation, the rest in the corn the terrace of the pool requires only delivery, and the music enriches the simple joys.

The night brings warmth and romance. They eat in Essence and intimacy increases our sense of vision and sound. Jazz , music traditional cuban and the classics , modern and contemporary dress a warm atmosphere to the restaurant.

There are always concerts, and impromtus and friends singing with the music that fills the air.