A Reiki session can last approximately forty-five minutes and the patient will remain lying down, barefoot and dressed. During the session soft music and aromas such as incense or essences (aromatherapy) are used. Hands are placed on a series of locations in the body called chakras and the Reiki Energy flows.

During a treatment, you feel a deep relaxation, a great feeling of peace. Many people fall asleep, which does not influence at all the final result, some feel a tingling, heat or cold in different parts of the body as energy flows, other people see colors, experience a feeling of "floating" or feel emotions that come to the surface and others do not feel anything and that is not why Reiki is not working.

The sessions are individual to obtain a deep relaxation and feeling of momentary well-being or the treatment of four sessions where you work more thoroughly to get the patient out of some state of disharmony.

At the end of this treatment, individual sessions may be taken as often as the patient needs.
They increase your energy and your spirits, giving you a more positive point of view about life. Previous situations of stress seem not to worry as before.