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Yoga class in Holbox

By: Ser Casasandra / 18 Jun 2021
Yoga class in Holbox

Ser Casasandra is quiet, our Spa Casa del Alma is the space to meditate, through yoga, relaxation, quartz bowl therapy. The occasion to love, to embrace yourself, to restrict the noise in our mind and to enter into connection with your own being.


Luchi Lux is a teacher of yoga and meditation and has worked extensively for several years in a search for well-being and extending love. Learn a little more since when you began your choice for yoga and the remarkable changes in your life, thanks to this practice.

What is yoga for you?

For me yoga is a style, a way, a way of seeing life, it is the reason why I am much happier.

Where do you teach yoga?

I teach at the Hotel Ser Casasandra, in the mornings from Wednesday to Sunday.

What inspires you to teach at Ser Casasandra?

I like and I am very inspired to be part of the team of Ser Casasandra, because the hotel reflects that state of peace, that search to connect with nature, to return to the roots. In all its aspects and the garden in which we are practicing now it is beautiful, full of living nature, even hummingbirds come to visit us in the middle of the practice.

When did you start doing yoga and meditation and why?

My path to yoga started when I was 22 years old, in Argentina. I started working in a yoga studio, where I could get closer to daily practice, get discipline and I found an amazing teacher and thanks to her. I was passionate and I fell in love with yoga.

What type of yoga do you specialize in?

I did my yoga training in yoga season, in Mexico with my teacher John Shrader in Chapas, in the Alaya Yoga school and I specialize in Ashtanga.

What made you interested in yoga?

My interest in yoga began, when I began a holistic search of being, to rediscover the nature of the simple, an inner search, to go a little beyond the known, in a search for well-being and health. Thinking about my future, in how I want to get when I am 70-80 years old, knowing that yoga is a lifestyle, in which one really becomes aware, not only in the physical world but also in thousands of areas, aspects and bodies, and we take awareness that this little body is the only way and the only house that we will have for many years, and therefore we must take care of it and yoga really awakens that awareness about all bodies.

How long have you been teaching yoga?

I started teaching yoga when I was 25 years old, I will be 34 springs, so it's been a long time since I taught.

When did you decide to dedicate yourself to yoga personally and professionally?

Personally and professionally, I decided to dedicate myself to yoga in the same moment that I decided to abandon my career as a lawyer. When I realized that to change the world we do not have to do it through struggle, conflict, problem solving at the general level, on a personal level, it is then that I discovered yoga as a tool of change, person to person, seed to seed, and I realized that I wanted to do it in a constant and professional way.

What gratifies you for being a yoga instructor?

Being a yoga instructor, brings immense rewards and benefits, gratifies a lot in the way you can see, how people get to the class, face, energy, how is your body and soul, and how they come out after the class. The changes that can really be achieved, simply with an hour of mental disconnection, of meditation, of love, of conscience, then knowing deeply that the change is first in the minds and hearts of the people, and helping in that process. Sometimes there are people who  go to yoga classes for the first time and realize that they like and be part of that discovery, it is a treasure, a pleasure, an incredible gift, to have a tool in my hands and in my body of awakening of conscience and of giving love, because that is what it is about, to generate a space in which people can arrive and feel comfortable, and feel in their body, in their breathing and allow themselves to experiment and explore inwards.

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