The island

It is located less than two hours northwest of Cancun and yet it is a world apart from the touristic area that surrounds Cancun. Ancestral voices and ancient tales are heard like whispers in the winds of Holbox. They tell stories of Spanish galleons that disappeared into the waters and of pirates who stole their treasures, like those of Francisco Molas, who named Holbox Island a “black hole”. Nowadays, people think that Molas found a source of crystal clear water so beautiful that he decided to bury his treasures here, it is said “whoever finds the fountain finds the treasure”. With less than 1,500 mestizo inhabitants with blue eyes (mix of Maya, pirates, Spanish and Cuban people), sandy streets and lonely beaches, the atmosphere of this small fishing village is jealously protected. It is an island of fishermen and wanderers, and when it dusk, they retire in their hammocks, the cradle of Mayan life.


Airport: The Cancun International Airport is less than 50 miles away. When you plan to visit Ser Casasandra, please contact Reception to coordinate and assist you in making arrangements for your trip once you arrive in Mexico. Land Transportation: Contact Ser Casasandra directly to arrange your transfer through a private transport company. Options include private luxury car or van, with an approximate duration of 1:20 hours. Rental car: The main brands are available at the airport terminal. We suggest moving during the day because the road is not well lit and maps and signs are limited. It is recommended to use GPS. Cars are not allowed on the island. Approximate time: 2:15 hours. Parking: It is located in the port city of Chiquilá. Public transport: Bus Terminal in downtown Cancun. Regular departures Approximate duration: 4:00 hours Parking: It is located in the port city of Chiquilá and is free with prior agreements. Aerial Transit: By Cessna propeller, 2-4 passengers, charter service on demand. Approximate flight time from Cancun airport: 20 minutes Sea Ferry service: The departure and sale of tickets are in the port of Chiquilá, with regular service and provided by two agencies. Private boats: For groups, or if you arrive or depart outside regular ferry schedules, the service is based on demand. As of February 1, 2015, Hobox changed its time zone to Eastern Time Set your clock and avoid setbacks.

The little town

Founded by four families of fishermen, originally dedicated to whale shark fishing, today they commit to traditional practices of sustainable fishing and protection for the region. Although it is a tourist destination people protect their happy and carefree way of living with pride and, as such, maintain it as one of the most authentic towns in the region. Streets of sand, children playing in the park, a speed limit of 12 km / h, open doors, living outside the house and getting to know your neighbors are lost experiences in most of the big cities of today. We love Holbox Island and with more than 50 bars and restaurants, the town is a great host for visitors: everyone is welcome and treated like a local. Fresh ceviche and lobster are found on most menus. Many Europeans call the island home and also influence the local cuisine. Families sitting at the table in the street, eating, drinking and enjoying each other for long hours is characteristic. The most popular dishes of the town are the tacos and the lobster pizza. The Reception at Ser Casasandra is an excellent place when you need help to choose activities or restaurants, but you should know that Ser Esencia Restaurant is a wonderful option!

When on the island

You are advised to bring enough cash because there are no banks on the island and the ATMs are often out of service. As a result, most establishments accept euros and US currency, somewhat below the exchange rate. Sales taxes (VAT) are usually included in menu prices, and tips are similar to the United States: minimum 10%, and 15-20% when you want to recognize good service. On the island there is still no postal service. The voltage of the plugs of the rooms and the island in general are 110V, equivalent to that of the United States. For European electrical appliances, a current converter is required. Please inform the reception in case you need one. Fashion here is casual chic.

Please consume bottled water at all times, consider that each digestive system reacts differently when traveling to new places. When eating out of the hotel, be careful to consume fruits without shells, lettuce or vegetables washed with tap water.

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