A home in Holbox

Besides the incredible experiences Ser Casasandra offers to the guests, it also contributes to the community with The Residence Island program, inviting artists from different expressions not only to enjoy the Holbox’s attractions but also to include in their work themes related with the island environment, history and Maya heritage. This program is sponsored and conceptually stimulated by Ser Casasandra as well by its owner and creative director, Sandra Perez Lozano. The Arsenal Habana projects in Cuba and The Residence Island establish a commitment of communication and education with the community, focusing especially in childhood and adolescence. (more)

La Isla Residencia

As part of a community work process, and precisely because of the main concept of Ser Casasandra –oriented to reinforce its guests experience with an actual conscience relationship between enjoyment, nature respect and culture in Holbox- it is being conceive the art project La Isla Residencia. The axis of this project will be a program of artistic residencies for creation, research, dialog and education, organically connected to the daily life in the town of the Holbox island. (more)

Art Gallery Arsenal

Located just a few meters away from the Havana Capitol, Arsenal Studio represents a true “arsenal” of Cuban contemporary art. The Studio, placed in the Havana neighborhood of Jesus Maria, is a space to share with artists and enter into the development of the visual arts with a more researchable approach connected to human essence. (Facebook Arsenal Habana) The month of April begins and in Havana, Cuba there is an unprecedented artistic movement. The 13th Havana Biennial, the largest visual arts event in Cuba, will be held from April 12 to May 12, 2019, with the commitment that the capital city of the island will become a “cultural corridor” in which the creators and the public interact. Sandra Pérez Lozano, our full-time CEO and artist brings all her art to the Arsenal Habana Gallery, a community project of Ser Casasandra in Cuba. Ad Infinitum presented 13 women who are unstoppable and full of light, who express a confidence that questions and exposes fragments and events of History and life based on memory and its relation to time and place.(more)

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