The origin

The genesis of Ser Casasandra lies in the inspiration of the person who made it possible. Since its inception it has been the house of an artist. Founded as a place to find calm, to invite friends to be inspired, to create art, to abandon distractions and focus on the spirt while being surrounded by art. The ideal place to connect with the peace and love that lives in each one of us. As soon as you arrive in Holbox Island the house of Ser Casasandra will take care of your needs. The main building faces the sea with each window ready to receive the smell of the sea. In the surrounding gardens you can enjoy the caress of the gentle sea breeze. The design of Ser Casasandra has been overseen by Sandra Perez herself. She has handpicked different pieces from artisans from all over the world while also maintaining local integrity. The architectural design uses local, Solferino wood as the structural basis of the property. Luxury is in the small details: furniture by Patricia Urquiola, antiques, bohemian crystals, linen brought from India, sheets with a thousand thread-count, a cellar of only Mexican wines out of respect for local culture. The hotel is art in every expression. Decorated walls, books in the corners, music that harmonizes. It promotes culture and creates a space for interaction with artists from the community – Island Residence project in Mexico and Arsenal Habana gallery in Cuba. Ser Casasandra’s cuisine offers a delicious mix of local specialities, seafood and fresh fish. Guided by the smell of freshly baked bread and squeezed fruit juices, each morning our guests arrive at Ser Esencia Restaurant to enjoy a delicious breakfast. In collaboration with Roberto Solis, creator of the new Yucatean cuisine. Flavours and scents rooted in the Mayan culture lovingly evoke the authentic taste of home away from home.

Our philosophy

Ser Casasandra gives you a warm welcome in a pleasant atmosphere on the secluded island of Holbox. Here, our guests privacy and satisfaction are our priority, as well as a service with love. Hotel Ser Casasandra, together with its collaborators, awaits you with enthusiasm. It allows us to take care of you while you relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the serene Holbox. Our goal is for you to enjoy our property as a new home away from home. Upon departure, we would be honored to consider that our customers are friends. You will always be welcome and we look forward another visit. Ser Casasandra is an opportunity to rest, reflect, reconnect and restore.

Concept and facilities

The hotel is a very intimate house, a space surrounded by art, music and every little details is done with love. You will experience a deeper sense of connecting with loved ones, while enjoying the treasures of the sea. Ser Casasandra is a place where distractions do not exist, where time is the most valuable asset and where the family learns to connect with a purpose. The service is personalized and the atmosphere cozy – the perfect place to spend your special days, with 17 rooms plus 1 luxury villa, each of its views is a mirror of paradise. Soaps, shampoos, body creams and so on are made with local, organic ingredients, and are delivered to your room daily. Art pieces and music selected to inspire and relax and the absence of televisions, telephones, alarm clocks and radios, induce you to savour the silence of the  rusticelegance; our concept of luxury.

The art

"For a long time I wanted to write in front of the sea I went in search of a remote, quiet world, where the blue was luminous! One day I landed in Cancun and the attraction of the Mayan land was overwhelming. I took a small plane and flew over the island of Holbox."

Sandra Pérez

Ser Casasandra is an artist’s child, it is art as a way of life. There is art in each space, in each decoration, from the music harmonizing different moments of the day, to the books accompanying you in the living room, in the warm  and luxurious rooms. Walls are decorated with pieces by Sandra Pérez and other artists who are part of the project La Isla Residencia and the Arsenal Havana Gallery in Cuba, including Ernesto García Sánchez, Mari Claudia García, Liudmila López Domínguez, among others. Every corner of this house is made with love, and so, it is the greatest piece of art of all …

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