You will be welcome to this unique property that invites to discover its distinguished art and detail decoration. Soft fiber blankets, comfortable mattresses, Egyptian cotton sheets, typical Mexican ornaments, and music to inspire and relax bring comfort and beauty to every space as well as lead you to appreciate the rustic but elegant luxury concept of Ser Casasandra. The lack of television, telephones, alarm clocks and radios aloud the visitors to enjoy the silence and quietness of this house, decorated with original pieces by Sandra Perez and other artists from the Arsenal Habana Gallery and The Residence Island catalogues. Every room include Egyptian sheets with more than 1000 strings, one small selection of typical delicatessens from the region, comfortable caftans, Nespresso coffee machine, air conditioner, fan, safety box and hair dryer. It is also possible to enjoy of organic amenities, morning yoga, bicycles and kayaks. –BREAKFAST INCLUDED IN EVERY RESERVATION–

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