September: the origin of a culture

From its beginnings Ser Casasandra was consolidated as a space of art and love, a common place of understanding, a hotel with ecological awareness and towards the community. It´s a place where luxury is in the small details, in the combination of what structurally requires a hotel with exquisite natural elements. In September we have decided to celebrate Mexican culture, with a special tribute to a country with an authentic and indescribable mix.

Day 5: Indigenous Women’s Day
Art, tradition and history, as a respect for its country, Ser Casasandra celebrates the International Day of Indigenous Women. A magical story for an indigenous culture.

Day 15: Anniversary of Independence
With “El Grito de Dolores” the National Celebrations begin. Entire Mexico is filled with light and color. It is the best time to enjoy dinner at Ser Casasandra with typical Mexican food, from the richest and best known gastronomy in the world.

Day 21: Delicious Dinner with Yucatecan Food

Roberto Solís, creator of the new Yucatecan cuisine prepares a dinner with Mexican ingredients, with all the love that surrounds Ser Casasandra and with the absolute disposition so that our guests can enjoy a memorable night. This time, with other chefs friends as guests.

Day 27. Haydée Milanés Concert

Ser Casasandra is a space to share art, where family and friends can feel, love and create. That is why we will have a luxurious night with Haydeé Milanés. Cuban singer and songwriter, heiress of a great musical tradition, that comes from her father Pablo Milanés, prestigious internationally recognized singer-songwriter.

Day 28: Workshop with the children. Haydeé Milanés

As part of “Isla Residencia” cultural project, Ser Casasandra shares space with Haydee Milanés, in a meeting with the children from the community and those who visit us at home.

In the mornings from Wednesday to Sunday, every week we will have our usual yoga classes.
Every Friday, Cinema Paradiso will join the celebration of a month of Mexican cinema under the stars.
And for the first time we will have a time to meditate, to contemplate our own voice and free ourselves from everything that causes we could abandon the essence of one’s being.

There are plenty of reasons for you to join us at Ser Casasandra!