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  • Retreat Sky Mind


    From December 8th to 11th, 2022



    Through the changes in our mind occur the changes in our life. Know how you think and transcend your mind! Shirayam and Habiramy, have studied deeply, for more than 20 years, the workings of the mind. Therapists, speakers, writers and creators of methods of mental deprogramming and undoing of beliefs. Inspired, with the mission to share their experiences, to accompany you to purify old behaviors and enter into the divinity and peace that we are, they have organized the spiritual retreat: "Sky Mind: Transcend the mind, open the heart" in AHAL, the first Holbox Holistic Center, from December 8th to 11th.


    During these three days we'll be doing a deep work of mind deprograming, using theory and practical tools, with the intent of generating well being. Balance and submerge in our own unconscious programs to free ourself from them. Beach immersion meditations to experience the oceans unique energy. Perception and projection recognition training. Ancestral mayan ceremonies and therapeutic writing practices. Yoga practices providing holistic wellness. We'll strengthen the bond with what's around us through awareness walks and the enjoyment of sunsets in the island.


    What does this retreat include?

    During these three days we will be using tools and therapies that have emerged with the intention of generating well-being and balance:


      Three nights and four days in Casasandra with inspiring art in every corner, a shelter where creativity finds us in every moment.

      Round trip from cancun to Holbox

      Three daily healthy meals to favor good integration in the program, in Ser Esencia, recommended by the New York Times as one of the best restaurants in Holbox.

    • PLUS

      Inauguration reception and welcome cocktail

      Surprises made exclusively for this occasion

      Organic amenities in your room

      Menus with quality local meals

      Daily yoga practices

      Awareness walks 

      Tours to bond with nature 

      Exploring the island on bike 

      A movie at sunset on Friday

      Acces to beach club Mojito and pool bar Maiz 

      Acces to the first holistic center in Holbox AHAL with profound therapists and practices

      Private beach 

      Open air pool 

      Wellnes advisor services 

      Farewell box lounge 


      Beach immersion meditation. Having a profound contact with Holbox, feeling the heartbeat of mother earth with your own heart.

      Projection and perception recognition exercises. Educating our mind to perceive what is ours and what is others. 

      Ancestral mayan ceremonies for purication when you get to this sanctuary of peace. 

      Terapeutic writing. Using the practice of drawing your soul in paper in the form of letters. Translating your deepest thoughts, feelings and sensations on paper so you can see your inside.

      Satori dance. Free expression therapeutic dance class, taking you to meditation through movement, music and your breathing

      Yoga. Taking your body to the peace of yoga, through movements that stretch, relax, deepens and connects in a sacred way with your breathing

      Aware walks and nature connection experiences. Walking while being present, feeling the environment  and the sand.

    • Techniques
      A course in miracles
      The Work by Byron Katie
      Passive Meditation
      Active Meditation
      Deep ecology
      Satori Dance
      Terapeutic writing
      Awareness walks
      Ancient ceremonies
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      Habiramy and Shirayam, both facilitators have had intensely enriching and inspiring life experiences and their purpose in this spiritual gathering is to give their attendees tools for daily life, which will allow them to face new challenges and return to their inner home, the peace that we are.

      They have been closely linked to the art world and have worked with world-class artists. One day they realized that this was not what made them fully happy and decided to start an inner path towards spirituality. They understood that to walk through life is to have one foot in the world of forms and the other in the world of the invisible, of spirituality, of self-knowledge, of the unraveling of the mind, of non-duality. Since then they have dedicated themselves to building healthy and conscious relationships, based on self-care, detachment and connection with what is sacred to each of them. They are two souls who have been developing a congruent spiritual structure throughout their lives, during more than 20 years of therapeutic work. Mental trainers who have collaborated in the development of the Synchrodynamic and Sky Mind methods, respectively.

      Having the guidance and accompaniment of these spiritual leaders in your inner transformation will facilitate the path to educate the mind towards peace. Combining the depth of self-knowledge in dynamic techniques with self-care, through healthy eating, with the natural beauty of a cozy island paradise, which offers comfort, silence and brings the perfect environment to rest deeply and recharge your batteries to move through life delivering the best.



      The program, transportation, lodging and meals are included. Book before August 20 to receive special price

        1 King size bed      38m2

        Situated on the bottom and top or of an independent building, a nice house with a private balcony and hammock.
        They have a small living room with detailed furniture and a large bathroom with a tub and shower separately. It has central garden views and its located close to the main house.


        1 King Size Bed      60m

        A room from the owners original family house, created to enjoy family environment. With partial ocean view its located on the bottom or on the main building, it has the restaurant on one side of it and on the other the reading room to enjoy a good book. It has a bathroom with shower.


        1 King Size Bed      50m2

        Original family house rooms, created by the owner to enjoy family quality time. eir located on the top oor of the main building, with ocean view. ey have private balconies with artisanal Hamaca. ey have a dresser, closet, linen beds, designer furniture and a bathroom with a shower. With a characteristic Holbox and mangle color spectrum, it achieves a warm and comfortable environment.


        1 King Size Bed     75m2

        Its no doubt the recommended room for romantic strips, honeymoons and for the couples of weddings celebrated at the hotel. Its located on the top oor and has a secondary entrance with room Inspiracion. From its balcony it has the most general view of the hotel, garden and the ocean. In the living room you can enjoy the comfortable "chairs long". The bathroom is large, with a French tub and a shower separately.


        1 King Size Bed     70m2

        To are located on the bottom oor and two on the top one, each in a small building with a rustic and elegant design, build with luxury decorations and wide spaces. From the private balconies with Hamacas, the guest can enjoy of the quiet and peaceful garden views . ey come with commodities such as dining table, living room, large bathroom with tub and shower separately.


        2 Queen beds        34m2

        Located on the top oor, it comes with a private balcony.
        Garden view and a rustic and elegant decoration. It has a dresser bathroom with a shower.


      Cancellation Policy: 30% of initial deposit is refunded/$200 is withheld if canceled within 30 days of withdrawal. After 30 days there is no refund.



      Book Your Stay

      Reservations: 529981207061