Special dates in Holbox

How to live a few different days in the Mexican Caribbean?

It is always a good time to visit Holbox Island. However, with the passage of spring, the months of May and June become the perfect time to enjoy the nature that surrounds us, the sighting of more than 150 species of birds, and enjoy the elegance of the flamingos in Punta Mosquito, one of the most important ecotourism activities on the island.

The days are deliciously hot and you can enjoy the crystal clear waters, or simply allow yourself to feel the breeze from the hammocks and lounge chairs at Ser Casasandra. The nights are very cool and ideal for walking on the beach, from May 4 with the beginning of the new moon and the warmth of the waters, there is an ideal time to enjoy bioluminescence, a natural phenomenon that can be observed in the beaches through the light emitted by some living organisms such as plankton, and these microorganisms are precisely the food of one of our most important visitors. From June 15 approximately we have the visit of the Rhincodon. Yes! Holbox is the house of the Whale Shark from June to September and Ser Casasandra has the privilege of preparing you the best of adventures so you can swim with the largest fish in the world.

What has Ser Casasandra prepared for you?

A wonderful stay, where you can rest and fill with all the good energy that emanates in our house, a place where we will take care of you from the first moment and if you prefer adventure, we will accompany you in countless experiences so that your memories in Holbox are memorable.

What do our reservations include?

– Double occupancy per room.
– American-style buffet breakfast, with a selection of natural foods, made with fresh ingredients of local origin and all the love that surrounds Ser Casasandra.
– Drinks included in your room on the day of your arrival.
– Yoga classes, from Wednesday to Sunday in the quiet of our house, as a way of life that seeks well-being and inner peace.
– Bowl therapy classes, to induce states of deep relaxation, achieve greater mental clarity and greater.
– Transparent kayak, so as not to miss any detail of what happens under the crystalline waters of Holbox.
– Bicycles at your disposal to explore the Island.
– Gala night, every Wednesday.
– Cinema Paradiso night, every Friday, to enjoy a movie suggested under the stars.
– Caribbean Night every Saturday, you can enjoy a different dinner and live music that will liven up the moment.

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Reservations through:
Email: reservations@casasandra.com
Telephone: +529981207061
If you prefer you can write us by Whatsapp