End of cycle

December always means a change. A retrospective search of everything you accomplished and how much you appreciate. Ser Casasandra is a house of art, silence and stillness. The right place for your family to celebrate the end of this cycle. Finding peace is the only way.

Culinary November

Just a few days from the beginning of November and celebrating one of the most significant dates in Mexico, at Ser Casasandra we announce everything we have prepared for you.

1 (Friday):
All Saints Day
A movie in the moonlight, an old projector, an unforgettable experience.
You will enjoy a Mexican movie at Cinema Paradiso

2 (Saturday):
Day of the Dead
Celebration of life beyond death. Altar to honor loved ones. Special dinner with typical Mayan dishes.

Elena Reygadas at Ser Esencia

A unique moment in Holbox that you can not miss.

Elena Reygadas and Roberto Solís prepare a special dinner at Ser Esencia Restaurant.

Elena Reygadas (Mexico City, 1976) is a mother and cooker. Her creative project is marked by the idea that cooking can encourage sharing, enjoyment and coexistence. Beside it can make possible the well-being of people and land.