Breathe life in Holbox

Today’s world is in the midst of panic and turbulence. Without observing that the mayor mayhem of all lies in a restless mind.
We suggest you take a few days to escape. Breathe the life of Holbox. Discover a secluded and serene island where you can breathe fresh air.

Offer of three nights at Ser Casasandra

Friend's travel

Whether you want to travel alone or with your friends. A women-only travel, with all the power that feminine energy provides. Find a space to love and let your soul go.

We invite to you enjoy a different experience during this summer. A women travel, with your friends. Discover and breathe fresh air on the island of Holbox.

Offer three nights at Ser Casasandra

Whale Shark in Holbox

Every summer, the warm waters of Holbox are visited by the world’s largest fish named Rhincodon typus (Whale Shark). This giant from the ocean feeds only on plankton, filtering it through its mouth.

Entering the water, and discovering that you are swimming swimming with whales sharks, a fish that can measure up to 20 meters, is a real rush of adrenaline, in other words a wonderful experience for this summer vacation!!

Offer two nights in Master Luxury Suite (Special prices)

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