Celebrate Peace of Mind in June!

The global situation is asking us to step up and begin a collective healing process, together!

In June, the world celebrates the International Day of Yoga, which inspired us to create a whole week for finding inner peace with the help of nature, from June 21th to 27th you can live a Conscious week in Ser Casasandra

Father's Day is Here!

In June we celebrate Father’s Day: presence, security, support, and confidence.
We have an invitation for the man of the family, which includes:
Tequila tasting
Relaxing massage
Lunch at our Mojito’s Beach Club
Dinner at our Ser Esencia Restaurant
Sunset experience.

Stay two weeks in Holbox

We have good news!

We are pleased to announce our new package for two week stays.

As we move into the new normal, we have prepared a special offer for long-term reservations, either because you want to change the way you work, with the possibility of doing it from an island or simply recharge your batteries from Isla Holbox.

In this period you will have:

Whale Shark in Holbox

Every summer, the warm waters of Holbox are visited by the world’s largest fish named Rhincodon typus (Whale Shark). This giant from the ocean feeds only on plankton, filtering it through its mouth.

Entering the water, and discovering that you are swimming with whales sharks, a fish that can measure up to 20 meters, is a real rush of adrenaline, in other words a wonderful experience for this summer vacation!!

Offer two nights in Master Luxury Suite (Special prices)

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