Culinary November

Just a few days from the beginning of November and celebrating one of the most significant dates in Mexico, at Ser Casasandra we announce everything we have prepared for you.

1 (Friday):
All Saints Day
A movie in the moonlight, an old projector, an unforgettable experience.
You will enjoy a Mexican movie at Cinema Paradiso

2 (Saturday):
Day of the Dead
Celebration of life beyond death. Altar to honor loved ones. Special dinner with typical Mayan dishes.

8-10 (Friday to Sunday):
Culinary Event at Ser Esencia Restaurant
Our luxury ally, Roberto Solis, creator of the new Yucatecan cuisine and chef of the Nectar Restaurant will be at Ser Casasandra to give you a dinner that you can not miss. On this occasion he brings a guest to the great Elena Reygadas, chef of Rosetta and Lardos, recognized as one of the 50 best chefs in Latin America.

Day 28 (Thursday):
Although it is not a Mexican tradition, at Ser Casasandra we want you to feel at home away from home, so if you wish you can celebrate it with us.

Our mission is to serve with love, if you are happy, we too.

We are already waiting for you!