Mexican September

Ser Casasandra announces Mexican September!

Day 5 – Celebrate the indigenous women day with readings of the Popol Vuh
Day 15 – Concert-dinner with Tenors waiting for the”Grito de Dolores”
Day 21Dinner but with the great chef Roberto Solis
Day 27 – Concert-dinner event with the amazing cuban singer Haydée Milanes
Day 29 – Music Workshop for the Holbox children lead by Haydée Milanes
Day 21 and 28 Conference on conscious nutrition, given by Laura Samper

In the mornings from Wednesday to Sunday, every week we will have our usual yoga classes.
Every Friday, Cinema Paradiso will join the celebration of a month of Mexican cinema under the stars.
And for the first time we will have a time to meditate, to contemplate our own voice and free ourselves from everything that causes we could abandon the essence of one’s being.

Do you need more reasons to visit Ser Casasandra?