3 noches de experiencia en vida salvaje

Holbox (que significa “agujero negro” en maya) es la reserva ecológica más grande de México, y casi el 75 por ciento de la isla es una jungla de arboledas silvestres y playas vacías. Como área marina protegida, Holbox ofrece encuentros con la fauna más asombrosa como tortugas, rayas barracudas, pargos y el conocido tiburón ballena. Imagínese nadando con tiburones ballena… ese es un sueño para la mayoría de las personas. De junio a septiembre, los tiburones ballena nadan en las aguas ricas en fitoplancton del Golfo, y los visitantes pueden tener la oportunidad de nadar con ellos, a una distancia segura para no molestar a estos amables mamíferos.

Bohemian beauty and exclusive tranquillity offer

Colourful, serene and surrounded by turquoise waters, Holbox Island stuns for its unexpected vibrancy combined with a tranquil atmosphere. Lying within the Yum Balam reserve, in the Yucatán Peninsula, its impossibly greenish waters are a unique mixture of ocean currents and its wildlife so striking it will simply amaze you.  A short drive and a ferry ride from Cancun, you can really let your hair down on this paradise island, where sunsets are sublime and nature offers a unique setting.


Marriage proposal in Ser Casasandra

Some places inspire to be in the mood for love from the first moment, and get straight to the heart. A marriage proposal has to be special. You just have found the ideal place to ask the one you love to walk with you!

Give is the same that receive and we know that here in Ser Casasandra. Love is the first choice we make as soon as we have conscience, choosing the person to share the path, not as an idyllic character we may construct but as a being full of light and kindness. This unique marriage proposal is designed for you!

Gourmet Luxury Life

Ser Casasandra is an intimate space on the island of Holbox. Surrounded by art, where the combination of personalized service and cozy atmosphere create the perfect place to spend special moments. Feel the sea, the sand, the birds, the vegetation of the Island and be aware of the connection.

Gourmet Luxury Life, you find calm, light, soul, presence and luxury. The contemplative is born from organicity, play and connection with natural elements, light and shadow, water, reflections, fire, metal. The external – internal connection. The integration of architecture, design, nature and art as a whole.

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