Weddings and anniversary

“We are love”. Deciding to love is perhaps the greatest choice we make when we are conscious. It is possible that we are made of stardust; but what we do know, is that all the elements that are in our universe are contained in our bodies. When we decided to get married, we decided to integrate: to love the star that we carry inside and that of our spouse because ultimately we are one.

It is sacred, for Ser Casasandra, to support them so that this union can take place in harmony and jubilation. We are here for you project your party to life and we will fulfill your dreams.

For the special day

Lovers who choose Ser Casasandra for their wedding, have the opportunity to enjoy activities that we have devised for this special day, from a refreshing cocktail for the guests, a tasting of Mexican snacks or a delicious wedding dinner. Everything prepared with exquisite pleasure and to your liking.

To accompany you from the beginning we recommend you to rely our guide of love where you will find the detailed itinerary that we have prepared so that your special day is as you dreamed it.

The ceremony

For Ser Casasandra this moment is sacred, it is magical moment, in which every detail was eticulously conspired. You dream your ceremony, and we fulfill your dreams. We can perform all kinds of ceremonies symbolic, civil or cultural themes such as Hindu or Mayan celebrations, honoring the ancestral traditions of the ancestors of this beautiful island and invoking the energy of the cosmos for the union of the couple.

Unique experiences

The path of love is designed for the souls that come to this place to merge as a single being. Therefore, you have the opportunity to enjoy with your partner, family and friends experiences such as:

Picnic for all the guests on an exotic island
Collective meditation
Painting class
Reading poetry
Integrate guests to a community job
Visits to places on Holbox Island
Class of Mexican and Yucatecan food
Boat trip to a virgin beach
Horseback ride to the seashore
Boat trip to Isla Pájaros and the mangrove, including crocodile hunting
Boat trip through the Caribbean Sea with possible dolphin watching and fishing along Cabo Catoche
Visit the ruins of Cenote Dzitn and the colonial city of Valladolid
Visit the ruins of Ek Balam and the colonial city of Valladolid
I swim with the largest fish in the world and possible sightings of stingrays and sea turtles.

… are just some of what you can appreciate in this amazing island.


The ideal place in the Mexican Caribbean to get married or enjoy a well-deserved honeymoon is Ser Casasandra.

Take off your shoes, go to the solitary beach of Caribbean colors, with the beloved one, relax in love in a bathtub with flower petals, it is so romantic that you will never forget the experience in the island of Holbox. Soft and steamy beds, incense and candles in the rooms, a romantic dinner under the stars, walks along deserted beaches, horseback riding and hours of relaxation are the least you can experience here. Then there is the wonderful food of the gourmet restaurant and a select wine list that will soften every moment of the day.

Ser Casasandra Hotel Con Arte is number 1 selected by the luxury magazine NET-A-PORTER in July 2018


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