Wellness Activities

Wellness Services

Breathwork Therapy – $ 50 usd per pax

The simple act of inhaling and exhaling has the potential to reveal powerful new insights, enact extraordinary healing and reveal higher states of awareness. One-hour session where your therapist guides you through different breathing techniques.

Learn to Meditate and Release Stress – $ 50 usd per pax

This one-hour session is perfect for beginners and gives you the basic guidelines and techniques to start your meditation practice. If you’re advanced and want to deepen your practice, ask our wellness concierge for a private consultation. Integrate daily life into spirituality!

Divine Feminine Workshop  – $ 50 usd per pax

This workshop offers a 2hs space for awakening the Goddess within through a complete guide to re-connect with your magic through crystals, essential oils, journaling, setting up your altar, rituals, and chakra alignment (hatha yoga). This is an exciting opportunity whether you are solo travelling and want to meet new friends or you are travelling with your girlfriends!

Mayan Energetic Treatment -$ 50 usd per pax

Clean your energy field through this ancient Mayan ritual with herbs, Copal, and Salvia.

Conscious Nutrition Consultation -$ 50 usd per pax

Diet, lifestyle, and plant medicine are the three pillars of any conscious nutrition plan. Ask for your 1:1 consultation and receive a personalized guide for improving your healthy habits, prevent diabetes, obesity, and long-term health problems.

Tantra for Couples- $ 80 usd per pax

Known as the ancient roots of modern yoga, Tantra explores eroticism and sacred sexuality for the awakening of consciousness. Join this 90-minute workshop for exploring the depths of tantra yoga, intuitive massage, aromatherapy, and secret lovemaking practices with your love one.

Wellness Adventure Therapy -$ 100 usd per pax

Personalized and private yoga practice at an exclusive and solitary spot in the Yum Balam Reserve. In this 1:1 session, Laura will lovingly guide you in a yoga practice tailored to your body, health, and mind state. During 75 mins you receive a highly effective workout, breathwork, and guided meditation. We depart with groups of 8 people.

Sailing Therapy – $ 130 usd per pax

Live a unique experience on board of a Catamaran and let the sea relax you! We depart at 10:00 am for a 3hs tour around the island. Personalized yoga practice, vegan breakfast, savasana in the sea, and stunning landscapes are included. Departures start with 4 participants and maximum 7.

Yoga Therapy -$ 50 usd per pax

This therapy aligns your unique and precise health needs with yoga practices which the yoga tradition and also medical science find to have particular curative effects. This is a self-empowering process where Laura, your yoga therapist, implements a personalized and evolving yoga practice which involves Ayurveda, yoga postures, meditation, breathwork, lifestyle, and plant medicine. This is a two-sessions therapy in which you first meet your therapist for a 30 min consultation, and then have a second 90 min appointment for treatment.


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