Ser Wellness

Breathwork Therapy – 60 min: 50USD

Improve your immune system and reveal powerful states of consciousness and healing processes in the body with this breathwork session.

Learn to Meditate and Release Stress – 60 min: 50USD

This session is perfect for beginners and gives you the basic guidelines and techniques to start your meditation practice.

Divine Feminine Workshop  – 60 min: 50USD

Awaken your inner Goddess through a complete guide to re-connect with your feminine energy.

Mayan Energetic Treatment – 60 min: 50USD

Clean your energy field through this ancient Mayan ritual with herbs, Copal, and Salvia.

Ayurveda Consultation – 60 min: 50USD

Diet, lifestyle, and plant medicine are the three pillars of this conscious nutrition plan.

Tantra & Sacred Sex – 60 min: 80USD per couple

Learn how to increase intimacy, desire, and closeness with your partner.

Adventure Therapy – 120 min: 100USD

Private yoga practice at an exclusive and solitary spot in the lagoon hidden behind Punta Mosquito. We depart with groups of 8.

Sailing Therapy – 180 min: 100USD

Personalised yoga practice on board of a Catamaran, vegan breakfast, savasana in the sea, and stunning landscapes.

Yoga Therapy – 90 min: 50USD

This therapy aligns your unique health needs with yoga practices which have particular healing effects. Design your personal morning routine.


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