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Ser Casasandra is a home to find peace and love, a place that allows you to enter into a world of sensorial experiences and beyond. A refuge for the senses where mind, body and soul are reborn in harmony with the natural beauty of Holbox Island. You will visit the house of an artist, who has thought together with the rest of the team, all the details for your stay: yoga in the mornings, bowls quartz, sheets in the rooms, art everywhere, music for the gods, art books in the corners, hammocks made with love to rest with a beautiful view of the ocean. This makes our hotel unique on the island and the ideal place to remember the inner peace that you are.

The Five Elements Yoga & Meditation retreat is a 5-days retreat that invites you to dive deep into stillness, creativity, and self-healing through meditation, yoga, breathwork, ayurveda, and transformative experiences in nature.  Each day you will enjoy the quietness and tranquility of the most stunning places of the eco biosphere reserve of Yum Balam where meditation, breathing workshops, detox yoga practices, walks on the beach, experiential tours, therapeutic massages, fresh food, and talks of wisdom will bring vitality to the body, quietness to the mind, and awareness of the soul.


We offer yoga sessions twice daily allowing those who practice the possibility to learn techniques that improve the capacity to balance the energies in the body. The practice of Hatha and Yin Yoga combine the physical asanas with advaita vedanta, the vision of non-duality. The postures are performed while holding the inner spiritual attitudes recommended in the traditions of Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism. They are oriented towards getting an intimate knowledge of the physical body and its bio-energies. The practices of Vinyasa Yoga and HIIT workout are also part of this retreat as tools for improving the digestive, lymphatic, and circulatory systems to remove toxins and to support the work at the level of the mind.


Many people want to meditate since they recognise benefits such as improved wellbeing and the capacity to reach their fullest potential. But somehow they get lost because of not knowing how to do it. With the right guidance meditation is effortless and easy. Daily meditation practices and techniques provide the opportunity to reach deep states of consciousness, increased concentration, clear thinking, and highly focused interiorization for the awakening and blossoming of the soul. You will learn direct methods to pacify your mind, relax the nervous system and alleviate stress for creating the space for true healing and transformation. These methods are a unique integration of Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Tantra, and Dzogchen.  When learnt in a natural environment such as Holbox, meditation is easily integrated. Personal coaching sessions of 30 minutes with your teacher are part of this wonderful journey of self-knowledge.


Any practice of yoga and meditation starts with the breath. Learn how to breath properly in order to reach your fullest potential on and off the mat. We offer techniques that  improve the immune and respiratory systems, creativity, performance, and clear thinking.


You will enjoy therapeutic and hot stone massages, aromatherapy, and Mayan energy cleansing to reset both body and mind. We support your process by offering a curated menu whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or none with the touch of our avant-garde chef in the Ser Esencia Restaurant.


Luxury is the connection between you and nature: breathing the clear salty air of the Gulf Mexican Sea, sailing in its turquoise waters while opening to bliss, experiencing total silence surrounded by the most beautiful birds of the Natural Reserve, watching the colourful sun vanishing in the horizon. The retreat includes exclusive sailing getaways near the island, which offer privacy and quietness.


– Accommodation for 5 nights

– Airport Transfers to the hotel and from the hotel

– Breakfast and lunch or dinner

– Sailing tours

– Entrance to eco biosphere reserve

– Bicycles for free use


– All levels are welcome!

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Laura is a holistic intuitive coach, yoga & meditation teacher, breathwork guide, wellness expert, founder of Yoga Holbox Community and Loklaj Wellness Travel.

She spent 10 years in Bogotá her hometown working as a communicator for lifestyle magazines, advertising and innovation agencies in Latin America where she collaborated with global brands. Once she moved to Mexico in 2014 as a freelancer she found her true calling in the teachings of yoga and meditation.

She was an active member of a Sufi community in Mexico City before moving to the Pacific Coast to starting over in an Ashram. A new life away from the office routine near the ocean made her realise the power of intention and manifestation. At Hridaya Yoga Center she found her teacher Sahajananda, one of the leading meditation teachers in the world today. The school is based on the Indian tradition of Advaita Vedanta, as taught by Ramana Maharshi.

She spent a year living as a karma yogi at Hridaya serving the community while learning and practicing hatha yoga in a beautiful synthesis of asanas, meditation, and awareness where physical practice becomes a blissful expansion of consciousness. She did the 500hrs teacher training and moved to Holbox in 2016.

Laura is dedicated to her Sadhana and to supporting the practice of creatives, entrepreneurs, game changers, light workers, and women empowerment. She loves dancing salsa, creating ecstatic dance events, learning about Mayan culture, exploring healthy nutrition, and offering life-changing experiences in Nature. Her yoga classes are a explosive mix of yoga, incredible music, dance, self-enquiry, healing, and strength.

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