Yoga Holbox & Ser Casasandra

Ser Casasandra is a home to find peace and love, a place that allows you to enter a world of sensory experiences and beyond. A refuge for the senses where the mind, body and soul are reborn in harmony with the natural beauty of Holbox Island.

We feel blessed and will be happy to share unique experiences with you, thanks to our collaboration with Yoga Holbox.

Yoga Holbox is a platform that designs wellness experiences for travelers who want to find a plus in their vacations and also explore wellness beyond all-inclusive packages. Ayurveda workshops and courses, essential oils, yoga, conscious breathing, meditation, Tantra, Advaita Vedanta, holistic excursions and tours aboard a beautiful sailboat are some of these services that will allow guests and travelers to take their stay to a level more personalized. We want people to take with them not only a pleasant memory of their stay in Holbox, but also experiences and knowledge that they can apply to their lives even after their trip.

Imagine opening an essence of mint and eucalyptus and remembering the movement of palm trees and the turquoise colors of the sea in the morning, it is something you will never forget. The fact of remembering this way is to experience again and again this feeling of inner peace wherever you are.

The movements of self-care and physical, mental and spiritual well-being continue to rise. Organic products and wellness services are offered through their multiple health benefits and on many occasions people do not know how to integrate them into their routines. That is why we want to open a space in Casasandra to share the different ways in which these new habits can be brought up to date.

Yoga Holbox is a group of entrepreneurs that re-imagines sustainable and conscious tourism, well-being as a whole and experiences in nature. With partners around the world, Yoga Holbox is also an open community for yoga teachers and students, creatives, freelancers, nomads, entrepreneurs and all those who are looking for a space for reconnecting with themselves.

Next October we will be doing our first yoga and meditation retreat: “Five elements.” You can find all the information in the following link.