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Comienza el viaje de regreso a la quietud, al no pensar, a salir de la mente caótica y del ruido de los pensamientos. Regresa a tu esencia. La isla está situada a menos de dos horas al noroeste de Cancún y es un mundo aparte de la proliferación de la zona hotelera. En los vientos de Holbox se escuchan voces ancestrales y antiguos cuentos como susurros: historias de galeones españoles que desaparecieron en las aguas y de piratas que robaban sus tesoros. Es una isla de pescadores y errantes que, al atardecer, se jubilan en sus hamacas, la cuna de la vida maya.

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The town was founded by four families of fishermen committed to traditional sustainable fishing practices. Tourists and locals alike are keen in protecting the local environment and the town's rich heritage.  Enjoy scenes of local children playing in the parks, sandy sands, open air spaces, and mellow vibes in every corner.

The town, with more than 50 bars and restaurants, welcomes visitors from all over the world. Fresh ceviche and lobster are on most menus. Many Europeans call the island home and influence the local cuisine as well. Slow food and alfresco dining is a common scene, and the islands. Enjoy exquisite lobster pizza, an original of the island. Our folks at the lobby will guide you to the best local eateries, or choose relax in the hotel and enjoy delectable dining at our award winning restaurants.

Colorful mural in Holbox Town
Holbox Town


It is recommended to bring cash, as there is only one bank on the island and the ATMs are often out of service. As a result, most establishments accept euros and US dollars, which are receive at somewhat of a low exchange rate. Sales taxes (VAT) are generally included in menu prices, and the tipping system is similar to that in the United States: minimum 10%, and 15-20% for excellent service.

Postal service in unavailable at the island. The voltage of the outlets in the rooms and on the island in general is 110V, equivalent to that of the United States. For European electrical appliances, a power converter is necessary. Please inform the reception if you need one. Dress code is generally casual-chic throughout the island.

Please drink water at all times, consider that each digestive system reacts differently when traveling to new places. When eating out of the hotel, be careful when consuming unshelled fruits, lettuce or vegetables.