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The genesis of Ser Casasandra lies in the inspiration of the person who made it possible. Since its inception it has been the house of an artist. Founded as a place to find calm, to invite friends to be inspired, to create art, to abandon distractions and focus on the spirt while being surrounded by art. The ideal place to connect with the peace and love that lives in each one of us. (More)

SER ESENCIAthe kitchen

Flavors and scents deeply attached to the Mayan culture distinguish the cuisine of Restaurant Ser Esencia. Ser CasaSandra, in its desire and intention to invite creators as part of its project, brought Roberto Solis to us, one of the most acclaimed Mexico’s chefs.(More)

THE HOUSE the origin

As soon as you arrive in Holbox Island the house of Ser Casasandra will take care of your needs.   The main building faces the sea with each window ready to receive the smell of the sea. In the surrounding gardens you can enjoy the caress of the gentle sea breeze. (More)


Ser Casasandra is a space to meditate through yoga and relaxation. It is an opportunity to love, to embrace yourself and to find connection with your own being. (More)


From your arrival to the port, the island invites you to take off your shoes and get rid of all the stress and and weariness of daily city life. The fundamental thing in Holbox is not to have any plan, forget about time and simply enjoy the quietness of the moment. The island is rich and authentic with sea treasures, and they are considered the best kept secret of the Mexican Caribbean. (More)

Rooms & Suites

You will be welcomed to this unique property that invites you to discover its distinguished art and detailed decoration. Soft blankets, comfortable mattresses, Egyptian cotton sheets, typical Mexican ornaments, and music to inspire and relax bring comfort and beauty to every space as well as lead you to appreciate the rustic but elegant luxury concept of Ser Casasandra. The lack of television, telephones, alarm clocks and radios allow the visitors to enjoy the silence and quietness of this house, decorated with original pieces by Sandra Perez and other artists from the Arsenal Habana Gallery and The Residence Island catalogues. (More)

Ser Esencia Restaurant

As a true modern culinary conqueror and creator of the new Yucatan cuisine, Roberto Solis tempts everyone to be open to an enriched experience with the infinite possibilities offered by the Mayan land fruits. A delicious blend of local specialties, with locally-sourced fresh product, evoking the authentic taste of home and grandma’s kitchen. The restaurant Ser Esencia has participated in the emblematic culinary festival held in the island of Holbox, the gastronomic exhibition Eat, Love and Contemplate, where the best restaurants on the island and other guests participate. Ser Casasandra won the award for excellence on every ocassion. Ser Esencia was inaugurated on December 24, 2004 and recommended by The New York Times as one of the best places to eat in Holbox. (More)


Ser Casasandra promotes the culture of the country to which it owes its existence, through its music, food and nature. Years of experience, together with a genuine interest to understand our guests and to know their roots and motivations, has given us a list of the most safe and experienced tour operators in the region. (More)

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