SER CasaSandra

“Connect with the peace inside yourself”

In the beginning Ser CasaSandra was conceived as a home to create art in front of the sea, enjoy friends, family, among birds, mangroves and marine species: the experience of living in a small fishing village of simple way, in a uncontaminated paradise for the hurried life of the cities.

The island status of its owner, an artist of Cuban origin, helped her settle in this other island, Holbox, as if she had always been there. She found a home, found her Tibet and her bread, found a new way of expressing her art, raised her son, planted trees and, little by little, conceived a sacred place for her guests and for herself.


The strength of Ser CasaSandra is that it continues to be a home, and those who visit it find the safe, peaceful and comfortable space that allows them to connect with their inner voice, with their nature within the prodigious nature of Holbox. That is the luxury of the days we live - according to its creator - .


Ser CasaSandra enters the community with respect and admiration as part of their gratitude for the many kindnesses received by the island, Ser CasaSandra started an active project through the arts to share with the community her passion for creation, especially with children and young people from Holbox.

Working with love is the philosophy of the company and each of its employees.


If each Ser that visits us manages to stop a moment, surrender and find inner peace, then we have made our house become sacred in your memory, and your trip to Holbox, indelible.


Contact us to live a unique experience:

Whatsapp: +52 998 120 7061