Ser Casasandra, Isla Holbox


Ser Casasandra is the architecture of an idea. It is your home in Holbox. A house made for the art of living in peace and harmony. A space to share unity, family moments, to create connections with art and awaken the spirit within.

A new consciousness is born. The awareness of the Self that is always present. Your true nature transcends. Connect with the elements and the senses. It is unity with consciousness, a blissful state of connectedness. If you are not who you think you are, then who are you truly? A divine spirit, a vibrant pulsation, an endless presence. Here, you will reconnect with Truth, with your true being, you will return to the beginning.

"For a long time, I wanted to write somewhere in a lost beach. I found a remote, calm world, surrounded by azure blues. I came to Cancun, and I was taken by the Mayan Land. So I decided to take a plane to Holbox island, and I found home."

- Sandra Pérez


In each space of Ser Casasandra, art is present as a way of life. A subtle entry that represents "El Camino" artwork by Sandra Perez - CEO, visual artist, and writer. Music harmonizes the different moods of the day. Books on topics of art, architecture, and spirituality are carefully arranged in every corner.

Furnishings, designed by Jorge Pardo and Patricia Urquiola accompany you in every room. In the hotel's wall, your will find original works of art by Sandra Pérez and other renowned artists such as Ernesto Garcia Sanchez, Mari Claudia García, Liudmila López Domínguez; you will find works from La Isla Residencia and the prestigious Arsenal Gallery.


We are the spirit that reverberates through body and sould. Our world vision is centered around the concept if living in the Now. Sandra Pérez (Habiramy), visual artist and spiritual leader, has lovingly consecrated her energy to the creation of Dharma News, the first spiritual community in Spanish in Latin America.

From the intention of sustaining the space and being a channel for healing, in the hotel you will find morning yoga classes with a focus on self-knowledge, conscious nutrition from Ayurveda, guided meditations with gurus from all over the world, and a course on miracles.

In Ser Casasandra you will return to the SER (wholeness) and will be guided into a conscious sate of unity.


In our community we are One. Through empathy we connect with a greater purpose, that of collaborating towards a collective evolution. In our community you will find opportunities to connect through movie nights under the stars, sustainability workshops, and a handmade clothing and accessories store.

You can also participate in local charity events through the Casa de Cultura, or contribute to the preservation of the local environment via the Islands Animal Refuge. Meet like-minded people in Mojito Beach Club, the most prominent bar in the island. Ser Casasandra is a global family, a space of consciousness where artists, movie stars, and wanderers find refuge.