Two local kids


Ser Casasandra, in addition to the incredible experiences it offers to its guests, also contributes to the community through the La Isla Residencia program, which invites artists of different meduims not only to enjoy the attractions of Holbox, but also to work on art that is inspired by the destination.

This program was conceived and is financed by Ser Casasandra and owner,  Sandra Pérez Lozano - Creative Director. The Arsenal Habana project in Cuba and La Isla Residencia was established with the purpose of building a community, with special emphasis on children and adolescents.

From November 22 to December 5, we will be sharing with the artist Gustavo Pérez Monzón, one of the most enigmatic Cuban artists of the late last century. We will have workshops for children and adolescents in the Holbox Community.

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Local kids
Local kids painting

The astonishing environment, the tranquility of Holbox and the rich culture of the Yucatan Peninsula make of this destination a place that inspires art and creativity. Through this program, artists will have the opportunity to get acquainted with island through various tours, where they will visit the nearby cities of Valladolid and Merida.

Local kids painting
Paint from Art Residency
Paints from Art Residency

This project is closely linked to the Holbox community. Participants of the program will not only exhibit at Ser Casasandra, they will also do so at the Casa de La Cultura. Artist will give lectures, talks and workshops, available to the locals. The program includes a presentation about the artist's work and its context. Filmmakers will carry out screenings of videos, documentaries in Ser Casasandra and in the town's square. Musicians will be able to offer a concert night to the community.