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Ser Casasandra promotes the culture of the country to which it owes its existence, trough its music, food and nature. Years of experience, together with a genuine interest to understand our guests and to know their roots and motivations, has giving us a list of the most safe and experienced tour operators in the region.

Sunset in Ser Casasandra
Boating at Ser Casasandra
Fish reef


The Holbox island is rich and authentic about its sea traditions, and it is considered the best well kept secrets in the Mexican Caribbean. During your boat trip you may enjoy flamingos, pelicans, ducks, crabs and iguanas. The beauty of the island invites to relax in a quiet atmosphere. Includes a boat trip to the 3 islands (Isla Pasión, Isla Pájaros and Cabo Catoche), you can enjoy flamingos, pelicans, ducks, crabs and iguanas.

It will be an impressive comeback to the natural origin. The experience includes small fishing activities with the necessary equipment and a ceviche made with your fish by the Captain.

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Whale shark swimming in Holbox, Ser Casasandra


The island of Holbox is a point of convergence of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, and between the months of May to September it is home to the largest fish in the world: the whale shark (Rhincodon typus). This giant of the ocean feeds only on plankton, and for this they filter it through its mouth. Entering the water, and discovering that you are swimming next to a fish that can measure up to 20 meters, is a true rush of adrenaline, and it is wonderful!

The duration of this tour is almost all day, and has the necessary equipment included. We have seen dozens of sharks at a time, and sometimes only one or two; Nature has its own schedule. Then, a stop on the beach of Santa Eulalia, where mangroves await you with fresh ceviche made by their captain.


This is an exceptional contemplative activity. More than 150 bird species living in the same habitat and a totally mystic natural river on the other side of the riviera, are some of the attraction you will enjoy during your visit to the prodigious Bird Island, Passion Island and Yalahau cenote.

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The nearshore fishing is common in this fishermen island. Most of the barges in the island are destined ti the commercial fishing, but some fishermen complement their incomes working as private guides. Even though we provide the fishing tools, the fisherman already has his marks, he knows them after a lifetime experience, so you wont need GPS. The preferred technique is the hand line fishing. It is simple, exiting and provides more clues about the prey than any other equipment.

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Even though Holbox is not among the most famous places in the world for this kind of fishing, it has a grate potential to practice this sport. There are several guides in the island with the necessary equipment,knowledge, charisma and practice to deliver an unforgettable experience. The mature tarpon migrate using non deep waters, bays and mangroves; the common snook, sea trout, shad, pompano and black salmon can be found during the whole year. Is in Cabo Catoche where fishing lovers can enjoy this practice.

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Sunset experience in Holbox


Watching the sunset is always a relaxing and unique moment. From the beach, with the feet in the sand and the breeze on the face, the spectacle, more than watched, can be touched. During this experience you could taste an appetizer and enjoy a sparkling wine, while you feel the singular magic of the Holbox's sunsets.

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In this tour you could do some snorkeling, stop by Punta Mosquito for a flamingo watching, practice mini fishing, swim in Cabo Catoche and enjoy the ceviche in Santa Paula River.

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Have a horse ride down the seashore and behold the beauty of the view to Punta Cocos. Horses emanate a soothing energy to calm the mind and bring it into a relaxation state. You may also take a ride around the house. Or you may even take a private tour which gives you time flexibility to maybe stay longer in the places you like the most.

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Native is an unforgettable journey all over the local ground. All the millenary culture of the Maya region is there. The trip includes a 10km car ride through the woods and kayaking in the magic lake Dakini. This tour allows knowing the sacred ceiba tree, other Mayan trees and their ancient orchid. One of the main attractions is the stingless bee, which produce a healing honey. In this journey you will know also a lady who only speaks Mayan and prepares the most delicious tortillas in the region.

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Traveling to Ek Balam ruins will be discovering some of the most precious treasures of Yucatan, a reservoir with pyramids and cenote, as well as the San Gervasio Church, built in 1570. You will also visit Lagartos River, considered the biggest flamingo sanctuary in North America. In Ser Casasandra we do not want you to miss all these natural and historical wonders only possible in such an authentic place as Holbox.

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The archeological zone of Chichen Itza, named World Heritage Site in 1988 by UNESCO, reveals quite lot about the fusion between Maya and Toltec cultures, their rituals, their opinions regarding the universe, architecture and science knowledge. It is believed the famous Mayan pyramid was founded in 400 AC. The trip begins with a home breakfast. The first stop is the archeological zone of Chichen Itza, where you could spend two hours. The trip continues in the Ik Kil cenote and then lunch at the colonial city of Valladolid, where you could visit the cathedral and the square. In the way back there will be time for a drink and a hotel afternoon nap. The local guides speak many languages and they are very funny.

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"El Castillo" at Chichen Itza
Tulum Mayan ruins


The experience includes visiting the ruins for two hours. Then continue to Tulum to know the town wall and the stalactites. After lunch return to Holbox. During the tour we will offer water, sodas, cold beverages and beers. Departure is at 7:00 am and includes tickets and golf carts.

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