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Ser Casasandra: a refuge for the being, your home in Holbox. A space with creative design, far from the stress of every day life. Ideal for sharing and unifying, art, culture and spirituality. Our objective is not jus to be a hotel, but a change in awareness.

A new consciousness is born. The awareness of the Self that is always present. Your true nature transcends. Connect with the elements and the senses. It is unity with consciousness, a blissful state of connectedness. If you are not who you think you are, then who are you truly? A divine spirit, a vibrant pulsation, an endless presence. Here, you will reconnect with Truth, with your true being, you will return to the beginning.

Ser Retreats

"A retreat is a refuge, it is a moment. A great stop to give yourself a space for observation, a space where you can observe yourself, feel, see how you think and how this hinders your freedom. Freedom is in the mind, it is not in the form, it is not in the body. And when one begins to understand this, one begins to carry out a process of self-inquiry, one begins to know oneself, then from there one can transform."



June 13, 2024

Experiential Retreat: Awakening the Heart

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November 29, 2023

Sky Mind: Train your Mind towards Peace.

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October 27, 2023

Experiential retreat: The mind, your medicine

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Quote by Shirayam: "Our mind needs support tools to walk with more balance, with more presence, more loving towards
ourselves, meditation is that tool".
Quote by Juan Sanchez: "If we are on a path of deep development, we go through these stages: from surviving to living, from living to being and from being to transcending"
Quote by Habiramy: "The more I know my inner self, the more I will look at the world from that space. If I have kindness
and compassion towards myself, I will be able to look at others with compassion and kindness."