Experiential Retreat: Awakening the Heart

Carlos Cámara
Ileana Cámara
Sandra Pérez
Sep 26
Sep 29
New edition! Three days to self-inquire into the beliefs, patterns, and wounds preventing you from experiencing relationships from a place of love.
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What techniques will we work during the retreat?

  • Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness
  • Your true Self and the false self we believe we are
  • The mechanism of letting go
  • The benefits of letting go
  • Anatomy of emotions
  • The process of disidentification
  • True forgiveness
  • The power of internal decision-making
  • Being-doing-having
  • Promotional video

What will we do?

  • Guided Meditations
  • Morphic fields
  • Self-care exercises
  • Trauma release exercises through the psychotherapy of the miracle course
  • Collective ACIM Psychotherapies
  • Release of mental contents (emotions, beliefs, patterns, judgments and mental positions)
  • Collective Bioenergetic Therapy
  • Spiritual Kinesiology Exercises
  • Talks to deepen your understanding of true forgiveness and elevate your level of consciousness
  • Self-inquiry spaces
  • Art Therapy
  • Sound Healing

What benefits will you get from this retreat?

  • Train your mind to work in your favor
  • Reduce levels of anxiety, guilt, and unconscious fear
  • Elevate your level of consciousness
  • Become aware of memories and programs generating conflicts, repetitions, and blocks in your present
  • Remember that you are the creator of your reality
  • Release accumulated emotional energy
  • Initiate your process of disidentifying from your small self
  • Remember the Greatness already within you
Carlos Cámara

With over a decade of experience in alternative medicine, he has cultivated a holistic approach to health, starting with cellular nutrition under Dr. Jerry Tennant's guidance in Dallas, Texas. He has explored energy therapies, including kinesiology and the use of devices with healing frequencies, while gaining skills in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy with Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán. His academic background includes diplomas in emotional bio-decoding, iridology, and acupuncture, along with certifications in medical and holistic biomagnetism. Currently, he leads the Neurobienestar Clinic, where he conducts lectures, courses, and retreats.

Ileana Cámara

Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, NAET Therapist for intolerances and allergies, and Biomagnetist. Her training includes Psychotherapy based on A Course in Miracles, Transgenerational Tree, and Family Constellations. She is a student and facilitator of A Course in Miracles and a student and promoter of Dr. David Hawkins' science of consciousness. Ileana assists in healing processes to connect with the true Self.

Sandra Pérez

Visual artist, writer, therapist. With Juan Miguel Sanchez, creator of syncrodimanics, one of the most important methods of mind liberation which heals the Energie blockades in our mind. Founder of the Dharma Global platform, which unites a community of more than 11 thousand people to which it brings a deep level of dedication to healing emotionally, physically and mentally.


What's included?

  • Full retreat program. (You can also participate in the retreat without accommodation for $1,152.96 USD)
  • Accommodation at Ser Casasandra for 3 nights and 4 days (the rate varies according to the category of the room).
  • 3 healthy meals a day to promote a good integration into the program.
  • Welcome cocktail.
  • Organic amenities in the room.
  • Experiences and activities parallel to the retreat program (theoretical and practical sessions, walks and much more).
  • Bicycles to explore the island.
  • Gifts of texts specially selected by Habiramy.
  • Regular transfer from Cancun to Holbox and return (upon request and for an extra cost).


$1729 USD

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About Holbox

Ser Casasandra is located in Holbox, in a place where nature reigns in its purest form: the Yum Balam ecological reserve. This refuge in the Caribbean is the ideal place to meditate in silence and connect with nature, among flamingos, iguanas, pelicans... and all the creatures that inhabit this blessed land.

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