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Ahal holistic center

The Mayans believed in the power of the four elements to heal the mind and body. AHAL is the Mayan word for AWAKENING, the recognition of our SER, a glimpse of our infinite potential.

AHAL is your refuge and your place to find healing and well-being through osteopathy, restorative physiotherapy, meditation, yoga, healing with Tibetan bowls, dynamic synchro, massages, Mayan cleansing and other loving treatments.

  • wellness program

    Well-being and Consciousness Program

    We have prepared for you a Program of Well-being and Consciousness: The knowledge of how you think, so that you can give yourself the experience of connecting with your true essence and live your spirituality to the full. We tell you how to do it.

    Book 4 nights during the months of September and October.

    The program begins with an initial consultation with a specialized therapist from our Holistic Center, and also includes Synchrodynamic and Biodynamic therapies.

    • Synchrodynamics

      It is a technique that helps to balance the memories that prevent mental tranquility. The technique is purely energetic, so a kinesiology test is used to discover these memories deep in the mind.

      Duration: 1 hour

      Therapists: Juan Miguel Sánchez and Elena González Kolganova

    • Craniosacral biodynamics

      It is a purely spiritual technique, its objective is to access levels of emptiness, silence and stillness through a listening technique. It is a technique that helps restore respiratory mobility by returning the dynamics to the body. The technique is very gentle and your only tool is your breath.

      Duration: 1 hour

      Therapists: Juan Miguel Sanchez

    • Objectives

      This program responds to the search for a mental change, due to stress processes or vivid memories.

    • Dynamic

      One session is held one day and the other session the next day. One last query is added to share the experience.

    • Therapists

      Juan Miguel Sánchez - Cuban osteopath and therapist. Diploma in Natural Medicine.

      In 2010 he graduated as an Osteopath, endorsed by the European Federation of Osteopaths, under the tutelage of Professor Joël Trolez. He has been a professor at the Cuban School of Osteopathy and president of its Chair. Together with Habiramy, he has created Synchrodynamics, a therapeutic method that, based on listening, allows us to bring to consciousness the beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.


      Elena González - Creator of Sweet Gymnastics

      With training as a modern dance dancer, she is the creator of the "Sweet Gymnastics" method: a set of natural and simple exercises, enriched with mantras, affirmations and guided meditations. She has also been trained as a teacher of Yoga Therapy, under the guidance of Mr. K.K. Kimura, president of Yoga Niketan Japan.

    Start your journey For Well-being and Consciousness Program
  • Learn to meditate and relief stress

    Learn to meditate and relief stress

    This one-hour session is perfect for beginners and provides you with the basic guidelines and techniques to begin your meditation practice. Integrate daily life into spirituality!
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    It is a science that treat mechanical injuries that prevent you from functioning well, we treat back pain, digestive problems, chronic pain, etc.

    Duration: it depends on the injury, it can be from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Book Now Book Now For OSTEOPATHY


    It is a technique in which the primary respiratory movement (embryological respiration) is worked to desensitize the emotional tensions and lack of mobility due to day-to-day stress. Two therapists work together within the session, to desensitize physical and emotional tensions.

    Morning Yoga

    Morning Yoga

    Find your balance with our morning yoga sessions at our poolside garden. We offer Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Pranayama techniques so you can start your day with the most positive vibrations.
    Included for all guests.
    Wednesday through Sunday, from 9.00 am. to 10:00 am.
  • Swedish


    Swedish massage is based around a combination of multiple techinques. Rolling bearings, kneading, percussion and all the techniques that help us eliminate toxins, strengthen muscle, activate the circulatory and lymphatic system, regenerate cells and make your skin look its best. These are mostly low, medium-low and medium pressure massage techniques, however not advisable to those with back injury or who have undertaken recent surgery.

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    Deep tissue with aromatherapy

    Deep tissue with aromatherapy

    Derived from the Swedish massage technique, but with a stronger pressure looking to stimulate deep muscle tissue, with the goal of achieving profound muscle relaxation. It is combined with aromatherapy that awakens the chakras. Each of our chakras needs a mantra, a color, a musical note, and an aroma in order for them to fully function, and for energy to flow harmoniously. Finding balance with these aromas will not only make of this massage a therapeutic experience, but one that cleanses both body and soul. 
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    Lymphatic drainage massage

    Lymphatic drainage

    It is a style in which the body's lymphatic pump is stimulated with gentle manipulations including massage, stretching and pumping. The objective is to eliminate fatigue matter and toxins that are trapped in the body due to decreased lymphatic function.The effects are mainly better energy, better peripheral circulation, better skin hydration and decreased sensation of physical inflammation.

    Learn More Learn More For Lymphatic drainage


    It is a Japanese style of massage in which pressure is used on the energy meridians in order to balance the vital functions of the body. The techniques used are pressure and stretching. It is also recommended as a type of meditation because it is a very soft and gentle technique.

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    Hot stones

    Hot stones

    This is one of the most comprehensive and specialized treatments. It works with aromatherapy, utilizing essential oils such as: clove, lavender, sandalwood, rosemary, and eucalyptus. These essential oils are mixed with massage oil. Hot stones are used as the massage tool with the goal of alleviating tension and stimulating immediate relief.
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    Therapeutic Temperature Relaxation

    Therapeutic Temperature Relaxation

    For this therapeutic massage, A Ser Casasandra homemade rosemary & pepper concoction is used, as well as heated rice bags. The treatment aims to relief tense muscle tissue and back. Finalize with a deep tissue technique that relaxes muscle contractures.
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    Head, hands and feet reflexology

    Head, hands and feet reflexology

    This is an ancestral Chinese technique derived from acupuncture, the Japanese modified it by omitting the use of needles. Feel alignment and balance as your therapist guides works on the sacred connections of the body.

    At Ser Casasandra we want to pamper you just a bit more, so we also include a lower body exfoliating lower body treatment for fatigues legs.

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    Dry skin: watermelon and cucumber

    Damage: honey and aloe

    Honey and avens

    See salt exfoliant


    Anti-age. Rice and avocado mask                       

    Anti-acne. Lemon and aloe

    Deep cleaning. Sugar, honey and rice


    Learn More Learn More For FACIAL AND BODY TREATMENTS

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