A path to peace

A few days ago the International Day of Peace was celebrated. We humans have the tendency to separate dates to celebrate certain events. It is in these symbolic moments, where we put all our attention, and this way we recognize special events and mark a story that always travels from the past to the future.

True peace has no day, has no form, has no color. It is not tangible, it does not smell, it does not tear, it does not fit in a wallet or automobile, it has no flavor. The true peace just…is.

It can be felt when there is not a scratch of fear, guilt and inconsistency within us.

Peace is not something that is learned, because is always present itself, still and silent. It does not make future projections, does not compare, nor has giant goals, does not understand this madness that the ego has designed through a system of thought. The only thing we can do to achieve it is to recognize that we are not the programs, beliefs, myths, archetypes and stories of the mind.

The ego says: give little and try to receive a lot. You will never find peace through unequal treaties. In all wars there are no winners, no losers; there are victims and perpetrators, which is the same, because the fights are generated from fear and those who crave more, have more fear, more illusory enemies and approve it the most.

Therefore, "Peace is the perfect recognition of the purity from which no one is excluded"- says a Course of Miracles. And if we can't be out of it, why do humans continue to be engaged in war?

We engender a false identity because we feel lacking, and in honor of that lack we establish all our relationships, all of them move between love and hate. It is because of the belief of separation where warmongering movements are based. From a family feud to bombing a country. Understanding this allows us to change the engine of our life towards a more loving and truthful space.

Why build calm, if that is what we are? Can we manufactured the BEING? Let's look inside.

Let's stop "denying that you are independent of the Fountain, from which you were created and you have never abandoned." You are perfect and wonderful always like Peace itself. The scenarios you live are to live them consciously at every step, committing to it makes life authentic and valuable.

I vote for it.

Sandra Pérez

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