An encounter with your happiness

Happiness should have no name or characteristics so that people do not seek to forcefully try to into it, thus forgetting their natural experience of the dance of life in its different forms. Happiness should be a free sensation, like the one we feel when smelling freshly fallen rain on the asphalt, or when a baby looks at us for eternal seconds with its innocent eyes, or when writing a poem trying to put what is beating strong inside you in lines that dance on a piece of paper.

Free feelings like laughter from teenagers and grandmothers. Being happy is related to the quality of presence you bring to every moment of your life. With the ability to savor the moments with their colors, aromas, textures and flavors. With the refined filter of perceiving reality without so many tags and with more heart. With the ability to perceive everything that happens around you and inside you, even if the mind keeps insisting that nothing interesting is happening in front of a magnificent sunset. Happiness is related to the openness to receive hugs, to ask for support, to laugh at yourself, or to cry in silence and, inside this crying, to know that everything will pass.

Happiness is to start again, like a seed in the ground growing next to the fruit that fell to the ground to continue germinating again.
Happiness is movement, and pausing to admire it.

Happiness is you now, breathing as you read these lines. Breathe.

Shirayam Daniele | Speaker, therapist, writer and facilitator of self-knowledge retreats (@shirayam_maisfelicidade)

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