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Autumn is one of the best stages to visit Holbox. Serene, radiant, surrounded by warm and turquoise waters: this is how Holbox is exhibited, an authentic island on the northeast coast of the Yucatecan peninsula. An isolated site that preserves one of the most exotic ecosystems in the Mexican Caribbean, a space that transmits pure energies of healing and vitality. Just a short car and ferry ride from Cancun, you can meet and integrate into this experience that is Ser Casasandra Hotel, a family that appreciates nature, art and contemplation.

Ser Casasandra is the architecture of an idea. An artist's house becomes your home in Holbox. A house made for the art of living in peace and harmony. A space to share unity, family moments, create connections with art and awaken the inner spirit. A house of the heart, of the full conscience, of the SER.

With the sea as the main setting, the hotel has 17 rooms and 1 luxury villa. Each one of the views of the rooms is a delight of the senses: a spectacle of soft breeze, the smell of salt and deep blue. The hotel's architectural structure is retained with natural wood beams, for its construction native materials were used, such as Solferino woods. Through a small art collection chosen by Sandra Pérez Lozano (CEO, visual artist and writer), designer furniture, antiques, Egyptian thousand thread count sheets, have contributed to the design of the hotel. You will find the peace and quiet you are looking for thanks to the absence of televisions, telephones, alarm clocks and radios.

Once you visit this house, you will be part of the Ser Casasandra family. A family of the heart that grows from and through love. Begin the journey back to stillness and return to your essence. We are here to accompany you in that new life experience that you are about to go through.

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A space to share unity, family moments, to create connections with art and awaken the spirit within.
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