Have you ever touched the sky while swimming?


The sand feels warm as you walk by the beach to get to Gaia, the fishermen's boat that will take you to Punta Coco. All boats are similar and each tells a unique story. Gaia is the spiritual name for mother nature, you are in good hands.

As you move away from the hotel's beach, a dark pathway opens up offering a wide view of the night sky. The more you move ahead, the more the sea begins to awaken in you a sense of depth and quietness. You become aware and receptive of this undeniable silence.

The crew is preparing the water suits as they tell a story about how their families were born and raised in the sea, in this unusual place called Holbox. For the first time perhaps in months, you are able to take in the purest air, a breeze only possible where the horizon touches the sun.

Punta Coco is one of the Island's ends and it's where the closest island is visible. Right in this middle point, a small pier appears among the mangrove. You have a few moments to change and get ready for the dive. It's nearly impossible to be in a rush around here. Nature has her ways for bringing us back to the present moment.

In summer nights, the waters of the sea are warmer than usual giving you the chance to explore in comfort. Be sure you will have the urge to continue swimming as you get to the darkest area… This is where you can touch the magic with your own hands. The bioluminescent effect reminds you of those stars in the night sky, shining and tantalizing your mind into a state of pure awareness, pure existence, and pure bliss. Sat Chit Ananda, as the ancestral yogis called it.

This is your inner light, miraculously, mirrored in the soft waves of the island. Our bioluminescence experience offers you a moment to live in nature in a conscious way. It's worth giving us the time to rejuvenate and re-connect. Let us accompany you, we are happy to guide you. For more details, please send us your date requests.

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