Holbox celebrates the Carnival

In the winds of Holbox you can hear ancestral voices and ancient tales like whispers.Each village stories, its characters and anecdotes are told through dances, songs and colors in the most festive stage of the year, the Carnival.

The carnival will begin this year on March 1st with the coronation of the Sovereigns of Carnival that will start five days of celebration. Comparsas that roam the streets and end at the acoustic shell where the party will continue with concerts open to the public.
The festivity will end on March 5th with the burning of Juan Carnaval and the reading of his testament, which will end this year's festivities and mark the beginning of Lent.

What to do in Holbox?

Holbox is full of mysteries. There is no reason not to include it in your visiting destinations. From Ser Casasandra we invite you to enjoy the joy of the locals and discover the charms of this Caribbean island.

In Holbox you can also do the following:

– Discover the "Bioluminescence" phenomenon, throughout the year, but it will be more visible on new moon nights.

– Meet and swim with the largest animal in the world, the whale shark, in the season from June to September.

– See the beautiful flamingos and explore the sandbars at Punta Mosquito.

– Enjoy the sunsets in Punta Coco, the Sunset Experiences adventure of Ser Casasandra gives you a wonderful scenery.

– Capture incredible images in the more than 60 murals on the island, created by artists and locals.

– Go to the Mantarrayas Club, where the lyrics of Holbox are, the tourists really enjoy taking a picture occupying the position of the letter L.

-The island has an area of ​​1 km habitable, has no cars, and can travel on foot, to explore its 4 km of palm trees and mangroves can rent a golf cart or bicycles.

-Innovate and learn how to prepare a delicious ceviche in the Cooking Classes at Ser Esencia Restaurant.

-To connect with peace and tranquility do not miss the Yoga Classes at Ser Casasandra, from Wednesday to Sunday.

– Go on a trip to the 3 islands, Isla de la Pasión, Isla Pájaros, where you can discover the incredible nature of Holbox, bird watching and swimming in the Cenote Yalahau.

We waiting for you!

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