Holbox Refuge: A place of generosity and love

"May everything that has life be freed from suffering"

All lives are valuable and all should be worthy of respect and care. Mahatma Gandhi believed that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress could be judged by the way its animals are treated. In Holbox there is a place that practices this premise and has become a safe space to care for and sustain many lives.

For many of the animals that come to the Holbox Refuge, this place becomes their only home. On Instagram you can find it as @refugioanimalholbox and it is a place where the vulnerability of living beings is accompanied with love, respect and care. For Morelia Montes, founder and director of the Holbox Animal Refuge, the well-being of all living beings is a priority. With a lot of motivation and patience they transform the quality of life of these beautiful animals. Holbox visitors can enjoy walks with the animals that are part of this project. In addition, there is the opportunity for responsible adoption of some of the animals, as well as projects for the reinsertion of some species into their habitat. Also, if required, they have guaranteed quality healthcare. For these beings, the Holbox Refuge has become a family that accompanies and protects them. The love and gratitude with which the Refuge team does this work is rewarded with the sincere and loyal company of these blessed beings.

The Holbox Animal Refuge is supported by its own resources and donations. Your contribution helps this safe, respectful and loving space continue to exist. We invite you to visit their website so that you can access more information.

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